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What is Outdoor Learning?

The Muddy Teachers Ask..……..What is outdoor learning?

Outdoor learning is when the learning is taken outside to enrich the lesson using what’s outside. Not to be confused with learning outside of the classroom; this consists of the learning being done out of the child’s typical four walls or regular class space, not essentially outside.

Teaching outside requires taking a curriculum-led objective into your outside space to engage the children with more physical activities and teaching methods. Often with strong cross-curricular links to nature and wildlife.

Teachers may take their learning outside because they have energetic children that learn best this way, or it could be that the children need lots of visual and real-life context to embed the learning.

Young children especially prosper from outdoor learning because their engagement and concentration can be short, but more so, they need very physical and practical ways to learn and develop.

The Institute of Outdoor Learning has led the way for many years to champion those who promote outdoor learning. From Forest School to Mountaineering. They have supported organisations and provided a platform for them to connect and reach one another.

Other organisations such as RSPBNational Geographic ChannelThe Muddy Puddle Teacher and The Wildlife Trust have helpful free resources to help schools engage with this vital teaching method.

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Woodland Trust

Sustainable learning

There are also special outdoor learning events you can join in, such as Outdoor Classroom DayDitch the Plastic Day and Bring a Stick to School Day. 

These articles will help with any handouts you want to give parents or decision-makers benefits to outdoor learning. 

8 Proven Benefits of Outdoor Learning

English Outdoor Benefits to Outdoor Learning

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