The Muddy Puddle Teacher ® is the new way to do outdoor learning!
Every child has the right to be:
– Outside, in the fresh air.
– Connecting with nature.
– Experiencing all weathers and seasons.
To help children grow with healthy bodies and healthy minds. We need to support the use of more playful lessons.
Obesity, speech and language referrals and SEMH are on the rise. To better support our children we now need to make changes in our own teaching pedagogies.
To address these educational issues we need to:
– Create a more nurturing and nature loving curriculum
– Create more playful, active and engaging lessons.
– To be more sustainable and reduce our own class carbon footprint.
– To prioritise the wellbeing of both child and educator.
How do we achieve this?
The teachers at MPT spent 2 years creating our approach.
It has 2 simple steps:
– Each day the children should have had as much time learning outdoors as they do in.
– To make a conscious effort to use more natural and up-cycled materials as our teaching materials.
Our ethos embeds the quality of our approach
The Three Muddy’ M’s
1. Mental Health: We make well-being a priority in every lesson, every day.
2. Mother Nature: We will work towards spending as much time learning outside as we do inside. We will use more natural and up-cycled materials to reduce our class carbon footprint.
3. More Kids Moving: We understand that we need to make our lessons more playful and active. This helps children’s mental and physical well-being.