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A new approach to Outdoor Learning

Outdoor Learning teaching resources and teacher training EYFS to KS2



 We provide outdoor learning teaching resources, ideas, activities and training for primary school & EYFS teachers across the UK.

A complete program for outdoor education created by teachers for teachers. Having seen where others fail, we are not only proud of our strong ethos, we are also delighted to provide you with all of the teaching resources, training and support that you need too.


Extra-ordinary Outdoor Learning: Approach & Teaching Resources

We are passionate, experienced teachers who create structured, purposeful, exciting and stimulating outdoor learning teaching resources for primary & EYFS teachers across the U.K., using our own approach.

Our unique approach to outdoor learning does all the things that others don’t.

We created The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach ourselves because we could not find what we wanted. It is free from any outside influences. The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach is by teachers, for teachers.

Every aspect of The Muddy Puddle Teacher program is practical, realistic and embedded in the current national curriculum.

The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach and resources provide structured outdoor lessons and materials for every National Curriculum subject. Time-bound teaching activities and plans for use during your normal time-tabled lessons.

An independent approach with solid teaching resources for outdoor education and play, that you really can use with your children at school.

Embedded in the UK National Curriculum & EYFS Framework

Whether it is KS2, KS1 or EYFS that you teach, we have lesson resources, planning and activities for every national curriculum subject. From English to maths, phonics, cross-curricular topics and art, our time-saving, focused resources can transform a lesson in any subject.

Properly structured, exciting, fun outdoor lessons that are appropriate for you to use with your children, just as they are. (You won’t get a pack of illustrated borders and display lettering – we promise!)

Extra-ordinary Outdoor Learning: Teacher Training and CPD

Our desire is to empower you to be able to lead your own dynamic outdoor learning sessions with confidence, expert knowledge and lots of great ideas.

Based in Sheffield, we deliver a range of powerful training for primary school & EYFS teachers across Northern England and the U.K. From Leicester to Northampton, Devon, Essex and Macclesfield, our fun and interactive INSET, workshops, courses, online training and ongoing support enable you to gain a solid understanding of how to plan and deliver high-quality outdoor learning and play experiences to children in EYFS, KS1 and KS2, using The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach. Discover how to introduce ….more

Why Outdoor Learning?

From Forest Schools, to Healthy Schools, the Play Matters Agenda and the Every Child Matters Agenda, we have had so many initiatives to promote outdoor play, yet each time we are faced with an intention or concept that does not translate effectively in practice.

When we found a powerful and purposeful way to take the classroom outside – we were compelled to share it with you. The potential benefits of outdoor learning and play – we know. What makes the difference is whether you can realistically teach quality lessons in an outdoor classroom. We can and we want to show you how.

Our time-saving, extra-ordinary outdoor lesson plans, teaching resources, ideas and activities will save you hours of research, prep and planning. Stimulating, realistic, comprehensive lessons for extra-ordinary outdoor learning across the entire primary and EYFS phases.

The Benefits of The Muddy Puddle Teacher Outdoor Learning Approach

Exciting, fun, inclusive, multi-sensory, meaningful learning experiences that:

  • break down the barriers to learning that exist for so many of our children
  • transform the mundane into an event to look forward to
  • give you back your sparkle for teaching and passion for learning
  • reveal the wonder in discovery-based learning to children
  • connect children to the outdoor world around them, each other and a fresh version of themselves
  • inspire deeper mastery of curriculum subjects, as children learn by doing, from concrete starting points
  • unleash holistic, creative teaching approaches that have been held at bay for so long
  • cross-curricular learning that sparks connections, passion and greater understanding
  • created by experienced, contemporary teachers

…And so on. The benefits of The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach are endless!   ….learn more 

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