We are a new approach to Outdoor Learning

  • Links to the National Curriculum and EYFS
  • Engages all learners types and those with SEND
  • Works in any setting whether you have cement surfaces, artificial grass or field and natural spaces.

  • We work in your setting/school grounds.
  • No resources to buy.
  • Low cost training.
  • Low cost lesson plans and subscription plans.
  • Teachers, TA's, Lunch time supervisors can all train.
  • Links to the National Curriculum and EYFS
    *Please note we are not a forest school approach, entirely different, equally valuable.


Accredited Course

Our courses are now accredited. For those wanting to gain CPD points or to show their course is professionally accredited then this is now something we can offer.

Neal from Kickstarters

We are proud to champion Neal from Kickstarters who is making an incredible impact at merging football, outdoor learning and academic subjects. We are always proud to put forward those innovative practitioners eager to move education forward in creative ways.

Latest Blog... Let Nature help you teach kindness in the classroom

Read Sarah's latest blog about using natural resources and the impact this can have to teach children about kindness.

Wellies by the door? Time to explore!

Year 6 your resources have launched

Do many of your Year 6 children spend time indoors on technology? Head to our Year 6 section to now see resources popping up to help get these children outside and learning.

KS1 Muddy Mindfulness

Use this delightful resource to do mindfulness where it is most pure and most successful. Outside! In the picture see children from Lincoln Minster enjoying the pitter patter of rain snoozing.

Muddy Maths

Maths is one of the easiest subjects to take outside but also to then take the resources inside to use. Reducing your use of plastic and giving maths that fun, game making edge natural resources bring. See our full range here.
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Want Muddy more?
Check out some of our outdoor learning phonics activities by clicking here.

Want to know more about us?

An innovative teaching approach that uses an outside-in curriculum.

Use your outdoor space to enhance the learning inside and choose a new type of teaching style that puts the child at the core of all we do.

Become part of our Muddy Puddle family of schools and nurseries.

Train as a Muddy Puddle Teacher and start your journey towards a more positive, natural and rewarding teaching career. Click here to read about us. 

Become a Muddy Puddle Teacher. Enrol here.

What are the benefits to our teacher training on the child?

  • Improves speech and language
  • Engages children’s attention and participation
  • Draws in cross-curricula links
  • Improves a child’s mental and physical wellbeing
  • Improves teacher mental and physical wellbeing
  • Brings a team together and develops team-building skills
  • Develops creativity
  • Develops imagination
  • Provides opportunities for mastery
  • Promotes mindfulness
  • Extends higher abilities
  • Eco-friendly
  • Reduces cost and waste
  • Connect children with nature
  • Supports SEND through sensory teaching
  • What can our teacher training do for you and your staff? 

What are the benefits for the teacher or educator? 

  • –Teach your staff how to use The Muddy Puddle Approach
  • –Better connect your staff through team building
  • – Improve their mental and physical wellbeing
  • –Inspire them to want to do this and have the drive
  • –Give them flexibility and options
  • –Support their creativity
  • Become a Muddy Puddle Teacher. Enrol here.

A teaching approach that uses an outside-in curriculum.

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Become part of our Muddy Puddles family.

Train as a Muddy Puddle Teacher and start your journey towards

a more positive, natural and rewarding teaching career

Want to learn more about the mental benefits to our approach? Click here.

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