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Outdoor Learning Training & Resources

Using our trademarked Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach,

we help schools & nurseries teach their curriculum outdoors. 

CPD Outdoor Learning Training & Resources

Ages 0-11 years


early years outdoor phonics

CPD Outdoor Learning Training

Outdoor Learning Training for teachers, schools and nurseries. EYFS – Year 6

Early Years Outdoor Learning Resources

Outdoor Learning & Traiining for babies, toddlers and EYFS.

Every area of the early years is covered with us! Use our outdoor resources to take more focused lessons outside, enrich your provisions and nurture your curriculum with a focus on mental and physical wellbeing.

We have all of your outdoor needs here, all in one giant online muddy puddle!

KS1 Outdoor Learning Resources

Outdoor learning training & resources. Ages 5 – 7 years. We cover many areas of the KS1 curriculum and because we use only natural materials there are plenty of Science. PE and PSHE cross-curricula links. 

KS2 Outdoor Learning Resources

Outdoor learning training & resource. Ages 7 – 11 years. We cover all areas of the KS2 curriculum and because we use only natural materials there are plenty of Science. PE and PSHE cross-curricula links. 

Outdoor Learning can be an essential way for schools and nurseries to nurture a curriculum that focuses on physical and mental wellbeing in a manageable way. 

As well as teaching the curriculum our approach has strong links to the Science curriculum and we are proud to be supporting the importance of teaching our children to care for nature. To support this cause visit RSPB, RSPCA, Woodland Trust, Wildlife Trust.  Who all have their own educational areas to help better support you all.

What a truly inspiring way to start our term! The PD day training with The Muddy Puddle Teacher was fantastic and the staff are excited to start their outdoor learning journey with the children. We are day two in to term and I have seen four outdoor lessons already!
Thank you from all of us at Churchside Federation.


Sarah Godbold

Executive Headteacher , The Churchside Federation

Absolutely fantastic. I’ve always tried to take learning outside, but this training showed how to make it easy and manageable, overcoming lots of the things that in the past I would have considered barriers. Lots of brilliant ideas that are transferable to different subjects and I can see so many benefits for the children of being outside, both to enhance their learning as well as improve their wellbeing. A really fun and informative day.

L Brown

Teacher , Westfield Primary

An excellent day of training

An excellent day of training. I feel really inspired to try out all the ideas that you have given me. Can’t wait to set up our outdoor classroom now.

Mrs Foley

Headteacher , Furneux Pelham Primary School (Ipswich)