Judith EarlPownall Hall School | Wilmslow | EYFS Lead Teacher
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We hosted Outdoor learning training tonight with Sarah. A great session of collaborative learning outside...lots of Cross curricular ideas ...lets go and put into practice 🌟😀🌳 Lets get the children outside
Charlotte WilloubyWood Street Infants | Guildford| Deputy Head
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It was a great opportunity to host Muddy Puddle Teacher training at our school. The training was amazing, it gave all the staff in attendance lot's of ideas and a chance to network and chat about their own provisions. The resources are fab and easy to use and great if you're struggling for ideas or just need a blast of new ones in a specific subject area. I would highly recommend!
Bernice Watford | Headteacher Kingswood Nursery School
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Great training! Great resources!

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