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Lambsetts Nursey

Lambsetts Montessori Nursery had a consultation service to help turn their outdoor space into a natural, open-ended rich environment. 'The kids are benefitting massively and the staff love being out there' Christy, Owner.

Pownall Hall School

Now trained Muddy Puddle Teachers this incredible school who already had an amazing space are working on taking more focus group lessons outside. Enriching the outdoor space even more through modelled lessons and then bringing this to enhance the learning inside.

Becky Skelton, Teacher from Lincoln Minster School

Becky trained online as a distance learner along with her two colleagues and is now having an incredible impact on her school. Becky does her muddy teaching through school engaging the curriculum with active natural and fun learning!
Judith EarlPownall Hall School | Wilmslow | EYFS Lead Teacher
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We hosted Outdoor learning training tonight with Sarah. A great session of collaborative learning outside...lots of Cross curricular ideas ...lets go and put into practice 🌟😀🌳 Lets get the children outside
Charlotte WilloubyWood Street Infants | Guildford| Deputy Head
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It was a great opportunity to host Muddy Puddle Teacher training at our school. The training was amazing, it gave all the staff in attendance lot's of ideas and a chance to network and chat about their own provisions. The resources are fab and easy to use and great if you're struggling for ideas or just need a blast of new ones in a specific subject area. I would highly recommend!
Bernice Watford | Headteacher Kingswood Nursery School
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Great training! Great resources!

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