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Our Staff Motto: Family first then Work! 

We are passionate at MPT about supporting those with families that also work in teaching.  Teaching is a hard enough job alone, however, when you do start to grow your own family essentially it becomes even harder.  You now have to juggle everything you did before with the added pleasurable job of rearing your own little muddy puddles.  We know, we have been there.  We aim to give our staff as much flexibility as they need.  Our staff work on their own contracts as freelance content writers so they have the freedom to tell us when they can work and when they want time off to spend with their families or if they are in need of self-care.  Most of our staff have been with us since the start. Those that have left have merrily gone on for other outdoor adventures which we passionately support and still keep in touch with. Our ladies are also incredibly supportive of one another and we have a great group of women here who are problem-solving through life together, we certainly have all found our teacher tribe here!

We do not have any vacancies at the moment. But should you do want to work for us please follow our Facebook page, it is here that we advertise. 

Jess Hermann KS1 Content Writer

Jess herman

I’m an experienced Primary Teacher who shares a buzzing enthusiasm for the outdoors! As a new mum I feel it is important to embed environmentally friendly and nurturing learning approaches across the curriculum to engage our future generations.

I run the Eco Committee at our school and completed my Forest School Leadership Qualification back in 2017. I love using what I’ve learned in day to day practice to engage learners. When I’m not teaching, I’m usually found in the forest building dens with my little one or up in the highlands tackling a few mountains.

Our lovely Jess Makes content for KS1 and has been with us for 2 years. 

Jacki George - KS2 Content/Graphics

For the last twelve years, I have taught across key stages 1 and 2 as a Class Teacher, Head of Year, Humanities and MFL Lead and Forest School Lead Teacher. Outdoor learning is a huge passion of mine and I seek opportunities to teach outside regularly.
I have recently set up an outdoor toddler group and I’m very excited to meet other parents and carers who enjoy outdoor activities with their little ones.
At home, I have two young boys and we spend lots of time walking, building dens, making mud pies and bug hunting. We enjoy every season and the weather doesn’t stop us from going outside!
I adore working for the Muddy Puddle Teacher and I’m very fortunate that I can utilise my experience and passion to help other educators gain confidence in the teaching under the clouds.

Jacki has done various roles at MPT and has been with us forever!  🙂

Gemma Ison - EYFS Social Media


I am Gemma and I am an Early Years teacher. For as long as I can remember I have always had an interest in child development and knew that I wanted to have a positive influence on the lives of young children. This has led me to developing my role within the Early Years for the past 13 years and has underpinned my values and philosophies of the importance of learning through play and within the natural environment. After all some of the best learning and WOW moments happen where there are no walls and no limitations.  

As a Mum to a football mad little boy, a park loving little girl and a wife to a fishing fanatic husband the outdoors is a big part of our family life. I love the feeling of freedom you get from being in the great outdoors and its always guaranteed to leave everyone smiling.  

It is an honour to be a part ‘The Muddy Puddle Teacher’ tribe and share in Sarah’s passion for sustainable, outdoor learning opportunities. But most importantly that get children (and adults) outdoors having FUN!  

Anna Bates - KS2 Content Writer

anna bates

My name is Anna, I am a wife and ‘Mammy’ to an energetic, nature loving toddler and we live in South Wales.

I have been a primary school teacher in a truly wonderful village school in Herefordshire, predominantly teaching in KS2 for over a decade now. I am a ‘Muddy Puddle’ newbie and I feel very fortunate to be a part of another fine team, with such a fantastic family feel. The outdoor learning and teaching ethos is something I fully support and engage with – not only in school but when I am on my days off with my little boy, too. There is so much fun and learning to be had when you throw on a pair of welly boots!

I have always had a passion for the outdoors, from camping, and forest walks, to trips to the seaside – all these things bring a smile to my face as I think of the happy memories. When I started my teacher training, I always knew that I wanted to incorporate the outdoors into my teaching whenever I could.  As Albert Einstein once said, ‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.’   Also, I was very fortunate to have Forest School training early on in my career, which I led independently in my school for many years until I went on maternity leave.  The use of the outdoors in teaching even in KS2 has so many benefits to children’s well-being and I believe really helps with their enjoyment of learning new things.

Becky Butland - SEND Content Writer

I am Becka and for the past 10 years, I have taught across ages 4 – 19 in SEN schools. I feel very lucky to have been part of the Muddy Puddle Teamfor the past few years. In my current school role, I am currently Department Leader for 14-19-year-olds. I absolutely love teaching outdoor learning as a subject each week but then I also try and get outside whenever I can with the pupils across all subjects.

When I am at home,I am a Mummy to a very active little girl who adores being outside as much as I do and, alongside my husband, we spent the majority of our free time exploring.

As well as being outside, I absolutely adore animals and would live to have my own farm. I feel like the luckiest teacher in the world as my Head teacher has let me now have a school farm to run with my pupils, seeing the enjoyment they get from this puts the biggest smile on my face!

Sarah Seaman CEO

sarah seaman

I am Sarah, owner and founder of MPT and I have been teaching for around 13 years. I have had various roles assistant head, maths coordinator, computing coordinator, safeguarding officer, and SEND coordinator. Before I became a teacher I had a career in TV and I also worked as a TA for a short time. Although most of my time is spent running The Muddy Puddle Teacher, training and generally spreading my muddy magic I do teach sometimes too. Why? Because it was what I was born to do! But now I do it without any of the “Shnizzle’ that goes around it!

I am also a mum of two little sweeties, Sienna and Florence who appear alongside me on a feature we do weekly for BBC Radio Sheffield and can be found on Instagram under Muddy Puddle Adventures.

I love being outside, walking is my passion and I also have a deep connection with water I have just started the journey into wild swimming.  I also love animals and horses, in particular, my dream is one day to live on a farm!

Sarah is the owner and founder of The Muddy Puddle Teacher and is the lead content writer for all of our training.  As well as lead trainer and consultant. Sarah also is an author, speaker and presenter.

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