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Ditch the Plastic Day School Pack

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Ditch the Plastic Day is a very popular day throughout the world and originated from The Muddy Puddle Teacher. Spend a full day teaching and educating children about plastic use, how we can reduce it, reuse it and stop using it. 

Who knows we may even inspire the next inventor that irradicates plastic. Ready to join Ditch the Plastic Day?

Do you want to put a focus on plastic pollution at your school? Use this very popular whole school pack to Ditch the Plastic at your setting to make this happen and help you and the children understand how we can be better with it. 

What is in the pack

  • Before you start
  • Up-cycling ideas
  • Going natural
  • Discussion work
  • Home Learning
  • Certificate

If you do have time it’s well worth looking at the Kids Against Plastic website. Amy and Ella are truly inspiring and have many interesting blogs to help educate children more. 

Find more of our eco-resources here simply use the search bar at the top!


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