winter clothing

What children should wear in winter

As the Norweigian’s say – “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothes”

Going outside in all weathers should be something we all do and not complain about. However, we have here in the UK because we do not know how to dress for it. So we will let you into a big secret, it is all about the layers. Not how thick a jumper or coat is but the layers. 

By applying lots of layers, you trap air; that air is then warmed by your body heat and keeps you warmer. Furthermore, if the children get too hot or the temperature increases, they can take those layers off. The other way around, fewer layers cause children to be cold and not want to go outside. This goes for you educators too! Layer up. Wear a T.Shirt, sweatshirt then a jumper. Remember hand need to be covered and to wear several pairs of socks. 

Happy warm children and adults all year no matter the weather. It is not the weather that is difficult it is you 🙂

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winter clothing

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