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Level 1 Outdoor Learning Course

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Areas of learning: 

  • The key benefits of outdoor learning
  • How to make a start with outdoor learning
  • The key benefits of embracing a nature-based pedagogy 
  • Ways to implement a nature-based pedagogy 
  • The key benefit of Zero Waste Teaching
  • Ways to implement some ser waste methods

How long does this course take? 

  • 1/2 hours 

Do I get a certificate on completion? 

Yes, please email customer services once complete to get your very own mini-muddy boot camp certificate. 

How much does it cost to complete this course?

Nothing, it’s free.  Simply sign up for a free account. We do not ask for bank details and enjoy 60+ resources, 100’s demonstration videos and a free accredited CPD Course.

Want more information? 

Watch our safety videos to help you practice the best outdoor learning methods.

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If you are trying to answer any of these questions, then MPT is for you!

  • Support Nurodiverse children & teachers
  • Improve fitness and well-being amongst children and staff
  • Foster lifelong learner skills
  • Becoming more sustainable and reducing the amount of paper and plastics you use in the classroom. 

The MPT is for you!  Chat with us or find out more. 

Outdoor Learning | Sustainable Classrooms | Zero Waste Teaching | Active Learning | Nature and Nurture


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