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What is Outdoor Education?

The Muddy Teachers Ask….What is Outdoor Education? 

Outdoor Education is a term used to suggest organised learning that happens outside. 

This can involve activities we often describe as extreme sports such as canoeing, climbingmountaineeringhorseridingskiing, and other outdoor education types. 

Not to be confused with outdoor learning that focus on taking elements of the curriculum outside. 

Outdoor Education can have enormous benefits on children’s independence, risk-taking and confidence. Many of the activities take a lot of practice and development of skills; they also require a lot of determination and resilience to master. 

The Institute of Outdoor Learning is a great advocate for outdoor Education and helps promote individual organisations. This vital area is supported and given the spotlight they deserve. 

Is Outdoor Education something you want to incorporate into your curriculum? The Muddy Puddle Teacher tries to help schools do more of this through hiking, walking and building and obstacle course for children to replay activities such as horseriding and canoeing through their imaginations. 

Otherwise, it is an excellent idea to search for companies local to you that offer residential or adventure trips. Or visit a farm, go horseriding and take a long hike! Involve parents and ask them to come along. You could be introducing a sport to the children they follow with for the rest of their life!

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