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Top Tips for Houses and Homes Topics

Testing Materials.  Ask children to make a house out of different materials then test it by taking it outside.  Outdoor learning not always about being outside all day.  It’s about using the outdoor to inspire you inside out. That’s the Muddy Puddle Teacher way! Going outside makes you feel good so let us get you there! For more Muddy Blog Tips

Here are three top ideas! 

  1. First, try cardboard boxes. Ask all of the children to bring a box in. Then, allow some creative time for the children to make that box into a troll home. They take it outside and leave it over a night, a few days or week. Did it last? Write up your observations or take pictures.
  2. On another day, ask the children to first look at a cube. Are there any cubes around you? Search for shapes that may have squares and look for those that are cubes. Once your search is over, hand out some clay and sticks and see if the children can create a cube structure. The children may need to do this in groups or pairs. Once the children have created their group, they have the basis of a house. Now ask the children to look for natural materials around them that would make a roof. What materials do birds use? What materials would be waterproof? Look for things such as moss and leaves. Then, ask the children to add these to their structures. Place these homes in a safe space so they can be tested over the next few days and nights. You will also be adding to them. 
  3. On another day, try a plastic bottle or plastic wrap that needs recycling. Do the same as the above, creating and testing the materials over a few days. Do these upcycled materials help to make better material for our troll home?  Why? Make sure you take time to illustrate the importance of upcycling junk and not buying new plastics if we can. 


Spend time evaluating all three homes and discuss the cost of plastic on the world. Would the natural home do? Maybe have an outdoor debate about this? Try the Muddy Walk and Talk too. 

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We cover the outdoors, but where to go for the indoors? Want worksheets to accompany out outdoor learning ideas. Try some of these:

Houses and homes KS1 Worksheets

Houses and Homes KS1 Planning

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