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Teaching social skills outdoors

Use Teaching social skills outdoors ideas pack to help children learn and master social skills in natural surroundings.  Going outside and having the space and opportunity to move more can really relax children in order for them to practice this very vital skills.  This is an excellent teaching resource and would be suitable for primary schools and special needs units. 

We do also have other outdoor learning special needs packs you maybe interested in. Visit the special needs hub. 

So how can the outdoors and teaching out of the classroom help develop social skills? 

  • Indoors space can be and seem tight so going outside allows children to keep their distance but to show affection and interest to the other person of this is a good distance for them. The outdoors also allows them the space to experiment with this idea too. 
  • Outside we connect better.  Try it yourself, it makes us feel fresh and invigorated and reminds us of the present. This then helps people to socialise more comfortably. 
  • There are different rules sometimes to socialisation indoors than out.  Indoors we expect people to stop, stare and talk while outside its ok to walk and talk so it is almost another form and set of social skills we have to learn again. 

We specialise in the outside but developing good social skills indoors is also an area that needs development and sites like can help with some ideas and resources for this. 

Remember if you do need any ideas you can not find on here then request them or email us by using this form and one of our consultants will give you free advice asap!

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