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Outdoor Continuous Provision

Pumpkin Outdoor Continuous Provision

What is included in this lesson plan? 

1 x Pumpkin Outdoor Continuous Provision  – Let’s take it outside! 🌳 Muddy Puddles lesson plan, including opportunities to extend, support and differentiate for maximum outdoor learning opportunities.

How to use this outdoor adventure pack:

Use Pumpkin Outdoor Continuous Provision – Let’s take it outside! 🌳 Muddy Puddles lesson plan to take the children outside using interactive, practical and physically engaging lessons.

Links to: 

  • PSHE – working collaboratively  
  • History – Check out BBC Bitesize for the latest videos on the gunpowder plot

What other resources are like this?

The Houses of Parliament also have other resources on this.

Why do I need to teach outside more? 

Sadly, children play much less than they used to; according to Save the Children, only one in four children play out regularly on their street. It is believed that the pandemic has also made this worse as children choose to play more alone.  It is also thought that children who play less are more likely to have mental health issues.  Check out our maths blog for more ideas. 

Learn more about what is outdoor learning. 

How can I gain more confidence in this area? 

We are teachers who support educators to teach their curriculum outside. 

Outdoor learning is an effective teaching tool that can help children of all learner types access their curriculum in a fun and practical way. 

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