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Outdoor Learning & Coronavirus

Outdoor learning  & coronavirus

It has been an incredibly difficult year for teachers. A fact.  Change is something teachers are used to but this was something very unforeseen.  I for one am so very, very proud of each and every one of you out there educating children in all the different forms you facilitated this. From the bottom of our Muddy hearts, thank you x

But what has COVID done for outdoor learning? 

COVID has brought so many negatives and pain for many people.  But it is the human qualities we have to see pain and grow a better future from this. For far too long our children, from as young as four have been asked a lot of them.  All they want to do is play.  Something us at The Muddy Puddle Teacher have been inspiring others to do for a long time.  Us as educators should be spending more time doing training on how to make our lessons fun and active, playful and joyful as to whether we can raise boys’ writing by introducing a new app? Maybe just take them outside and work their fine and gross motor skills, just saying 🙂

Am I right? 

I am sooooo right!

Take Greg Botrill, an early years teacher and author who is now determined to shout from the rooftops about play and the importance of this.  Greg is a Muddy Puddle Teacher fav and check out more about his wonderful work here. 

The Muddy Puddle Teacher is all about showing not telling.  So here are some tips to take your learning outside to help keep COVID at bay. 

  • Just go out there! Make a start, choose something to do, anything and do it.  Then come back in and all talk about what it was like to take the learning outside. 
  • Join in some of our Muddy Puddle Teacher events such as : Ditch the plastic or Bring a Stick to School Day. Sign up and get a FREE trial to download. 
  • Look at your maths or science curriculum, is there anything there you could take outside? 

Want to train on our outdoor learning approach?  Join thousands of other muddy and merry Muddy Puddle Teachers ® this way.

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