Outdoor Inspired Events and Days

Outdoor Inspired Events and Days

Time to get your diaries out and add some of these dates into your diary. Joining in on special days helps raise the awareness of key areas this approach is trying to raise attention towards. It makes us all drop what we are doing and have some spontaneous and concentrated fun on key aspects of our world and life and prepare for the future.

As you will begin to see now, our approach is more than just Outdoor Learning. We are advocates for a Physically and Mentally nurturing curriculum, it’s just our platform to achieve this is outside!

So, try all, some or even one of the dates below. Of course, we have all of the packs on the site to help you make these days special and easy to set up! We add to them and make them better every year!

Bring a Stick to School Day October 14th 2021

Outdoor Classroom Day 4th November 2021

Cardboard Chaos Day January 10th 2022

Random Acts of Kindness Week February 7th 2022 – Visit the official US resources

Wildlife Day March 3rd 2022

Sunflower Day – 29th April 2022

Ditch the plastic day – 9th May 2002

Plant your pumpkin seeds day – 1st June 2022

Bring a plant to school day – 7th June 2022


Outdoor Classroom Week 25th April 2022 – Official Resources


Resources for Outdoor Classroom Day

We do also provide resources for other popular days and special events such as World Book Day, World Tiger DayEasterChristmas. If we do not provide any resources for an event you are having use live chat now to request it. Use the search bar at the top to search for what you want first.

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