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football multiplications

KS2 Football Multiplications Practice (Demo Video)

What does this KS2 Football Multiplications demonstration video include?

Include a game-based idea to help junior teachers take the practising of multiplications outside, using football techniques. 

How can I use this resource? 

Use KS2 Football Multiplications to practice and embed previous learning or an effective tool for those working towards or who need additional practice in this area that is more memorable.

What are the curriculum links?

  • Maths
  • Speaking & listening
  • Physical development

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Why can taking maths outside impact on children?

Multiplication is notoriously an area children find hard to embed. But why? Is it because the learning is difficult or is it that the learning is not interesting to them?

  • We opted for the latter and worked really hard at Muddy Puddles to ensure that the children are engaged because we know engaged learners remember their learning.
  • Plus, they get a positive experience from it and start to have a love to learn as well as receive all of the other cross-curricular benefits of being outdoors!
  • Linking multiplication with football can also engage those who may be properly in physical activities be a little closer to those who have more academic studies.


Other links you can make with football?

  • Link to punctuation or SPAg.
  • Links to history dates and chronological ordering.
  • Answering Science questions, who, what, and why?

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