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How do Bees Care for us? (Outdoor eBook)

Our Outdoor eBook – How bees care for us is a muddy best seller at The Muddy Puddle Teacher. The children read them outside. Then at the end of every page, there is a comprehension task for them to do. How bees care for us is a lovely non-fiction teet that will help children understand the vital importance bees have on our environment and humans’ survival. Bees are so incredible for us as they help pollinate so plants can reproduce and feed us all. 

How bees care for us is ideal for Year 1/2 children or Reception, the teacher can read as the children participate. 

Here are some top tips you can do to help at home: 

  1. Grow wildflowers
  2. Watch where you walk and keep to paths. Do not walk in nature that could be feeding animals or homing them. 
  3. Help support local honey and local beekeeping businesses. 

The Bumblebee Conservation and Wildlife Trust both provide projects to help support our bees. 

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