christmas cheer

Give the trees some Cheer this Christmas!

Give the trees some Cheer this Christmas and get outside and spend time with the children to decorate them.  The Muddy Puddle Teachers are thrifty characters.  We see the value in everything and sometimes using what you have around you creates just as much of a joyful impact. We want the children to see that not everything has to be, just right, bought and perfect.  Somethings it can be upcycled and reused. 

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So go find a tress outside and give it some Christmas cheer.

Use some of these outdoor learning Christmas teaching ideas to help you make the muddy most of your time with the children:

  • Make leaf tinsel. Thread leaves onto a long string then hang. 
  • Make baubles by threading more leaves on smaller bits of string. 
  • Create bird baubles.  Mix lard with porridge and roll into balls then hang on string. 

However, do be careful of hanging plastics on the tree.  Bits of tinsel easily go flying and then that becomes harmful to the animals.  Also be aware that in the night animals will come and see what you have done and have a nibble and that nibble could be fatal. Be a good role model and keep it muddy and natural. It is more fun for the child and more fun for the wildlife too!

If plastics and plastic use is something you want to read up on more green peace provide some great ideas and insight to help you with this. Read their article here. 
Or join in with the Muddy Puddle Teachers on ditch the plastic day and get the pack here.

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