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Christmas Party Games – The Muddy Way!

Christmas Party Games – The Muddy Way! 

Take your Christmas party games outside this year with these FREE muddy ideas from the outdoor learning experts at The Muddy Puddle Teacher. 

Sing around the Christmas Tree

First make sure you have a Christmas tree outside this year so magical to do this! 

There is something quite magical about singing outside.  If you can take a tree outside and all stand around it singing your favourite Christmas songs and carols this will dd to the moment. If you can not do this.  Put a stick in the ground add some tinsel to it and pretend.  Invite other classes, parents or the headteacher and make it an occasion you will all remember.  Offer or sell hot chocolate for after – raise some funds. 

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Christmas Parachute Games

If you have a parachute, great.  If you do not, a big bed sheet will work fine. Play the ‘Christmas Wish’ Game.  Each child finds a leaf, stretch out the parachute and after three all of the children make a wish whispering it into the leaf and then throw it onto the parachute. Shake the parachute watching the leaves and wishes flying into the air.  Sing a Christmas song to get that wish, wishing. ‘Squish the Snowy Mountains’, all kneel down on the floor and shake the parachute.  For large groups allow three/four children on the parachute at a time to squish the snow mountains.  Give each group a few minutes then swap over. ‘Thankful for Christmas’ lay the parachute flat and all lay on your backs looking at the sky.  Allow a few minutes of silence then let the children all whisper to the clouds things they are thankful for this Christmas.  

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Muddy Party Games

  • Play pass the parcel but use a rock and stand up, jump up and down or do star jumps as they pass it around. Every time the adult stops singing the person it lands on gets a sweetie, biscuit or toy from the educator. Or ditch the prize and all the children have to give that person a round of applause instead. 
  • Play musical snowmen, rather than musical statues. The adult hands every child a carrot then sings a Christmas song and when she/he stops all the children have to freeze like a snowman holding the carrot to their nose. The adult tells the children who move that they are out until you get to the last three who win a prize or even a cheer will do. 
  • Play Musical Weather Watch. First, discuss with the children what hail, snow and rain are and create an action for each one using the whole body. The adult sings a Christmas song and the children have to run in and out of each other. When they stop singing they shout a wintery weather type and all of the children have to do that action.  Those that don’t do the correct action or were too slow are out. Keep going until you get to the final few. 
  • Play Muddy Bumps. Children run in and out of each other and when the adult says Muddy Bumps the children have to squat down. Those that are the slowest are out. 

TIP: In cold weather try and prevent any children standing. Also to protect children’s mental strength especially about being out of the game let them join another game instead such as all hold hands, travelling in a circle and when the adult stops singing the children have to squat low. You could also play these games with no winners or children that are ‘out’ just keep playing and enjoying the fun. 

Party Food 

Have fun making your party food with the children and inspire those budding chefs you may have amongst you.  You could make your party very simple and just do hot chocolate and marshmallows.  Or here are a few more ideas if you really want to go all out.  Please make children aware of anything that may be hot and how to cool them and manage any sharp equipment they may use when making the food.  ‘Marshmallow Snowmen’ take a snowman and using a black icing sugar pen give him eyes and use an orange icing sugar pen for his nose.  ‘Rudolph carrot sticks’ carrot sticks cut up into batons. ‘Santa biscuits’ using red icing sugar give Santa a hat and white icing sugar pens for his beard and black for his eyes. ‘Star sandwiches’ use any filling and make it the traditional way.  Once complete cut them into triangles and display as stars by putting them on top of each other at an angle. 

We are passionate about helping nature, if this is your thing and you want to help charities such as the RSPCA maybe look to raising money for them through some outdoor learning ideas. I want to donate. 
To get the full Muddy Christmas Outdoor Learning pack splash this way.

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