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*FREE*Outdoor Learning at Christmas

Use Outdoor Learning at Christmas to strip back your Christmas with some simple, natural, outdoor fun.  This pack is full of ideas such as Christmassy welly walks, arts and crafts, muddy party and more. 

Getting the children outside in all weathers is really important for their mental and physical health and wellbeing. Plus it’s really educational too and gets you and your child talking. 

Outdoor Learning at Christmas has never been so much fun.

Why not think about the animals this Christmas and give them some Christmas dinner joy. 

This is a very simple and easy task to subtly encourage the children to think about wildlife over Christmas. Empty several bags of porridge oats onto the floor and then unwrap several blocks of lard, giving each child a little amount of the lard. The children then need to dip it into porridge oats until all the lard is covered. Then go find a stick and mould the lard on the end of the stick and plant it into your fields, raised beds or even out of your settings grounds. The fun is going back each day to see if it has gone. 

Want to get more packs about supporting wildlife, head to the RSPB who have many educational packs. 
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