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Blog: Bug Magnifying Glass

Hi Muddy T’s, 

I present to you the mini-beast magnifying glass! These are on our site, BTW, but you can make your own! We save you time 🙂 But what is the learning behind them? 

  • Listening and understnding. There are several steps to this activity. The children have to hold the magnifying glass while looking for bugs while trying to identify them. It helps children start to multitask. Do one thing alongside another. 
  • Turn taking. Place the children in pairs while they do this so they have to work out how to take turns. Let the children try and shape this themselves, then offer structure should they struggle. For example, One holds the magnifying glass the other looks for the bugs. 
  • Reading exercise as the names are on the back, even if they link the picture to the first sound. 
  • Fine motor skills handling the bugs and magnifying glass and a gross motor skill wandering around your outdoor space.
  • The natural world links as the children discover the bugs and learn their names and habitats, typically dark, damp places.  

Why do children need to go outside more? 

Sadly, children play much less than they used to; according to Save the Children, only one in four children play out regularly on their street. It is believed that the pandemic has also made this worse as children choose to play more alone.  It is also believed that children who play less are more likely to have mental health issues.  

How can I gain more confidence in this area? 

We are teachers who support educators to teach their curriculum outside. 

Outdoor learning is an effective teaching tool that can help children of all learner types access their curriculum in a fun and practical ways. 

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