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Blog: The Learning behind tree faces

Hi Muddy T’s,

You may look at this and think the Gruffalo is having a bad hair day! 😂 Some of you may be thinking it looks like a mess.
It is, in fact, King Charles, however, and whatever it may be, the learning is very much present. Take a look at how cross-curricula and powerful outdoor learning really can be 👀

-Listening and understanding what you want them to do.
Physical development – Fine motor skills embedding the clay, gross motor skills collecting nature.
-The sensory experience of touching bits of nature and clay. This helps build nerve connections in the brain and encourages language development.
-Maths – developing pattern work, negotiating space and their surroundings.
-Art links being creative and creating a sculpture.
-Communication and language explaining what they have made and what with. Even your most shy children will want to tell you about their creation.
-Mental health – vitamin D boost and natural chemicals to improve moods and self-esteem.
-Confidence – achieving something very much open-ended and with no must-have standard.
-Sustainability – no plastics at all used, just natural items.
-The natural world – learning and understanding about the trees and plants around them!

Now look at that clay face and you will see how royal it is 🙂


Muddy Tip – I use clay from amazon, which costs around £20 and last me at least 4-5 month.

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