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Forest school session plan

Autumn Forest School Session Plan (KS1)

What does this resource include?

  • 1 x Autumnal Forest School Session Plan 

How can I use this resource? 

Use the Forest School Planning (KS1) Book Theme to teach your regular forest school session with a bit of a twist.  Base the afternoon of fun around a text and link in literacy while the children enjoy opportunities to play freely, explore, and take risks.  This is to be led by a qualified forest school teacher level 3.

What are the curriculum links?

  • English/Literacy
  • Physical Development 
  • Maths & Problem Solving
  • DT & tools  

What other resources are like this?


What is Forest School?

Forest School is a holistic approach that helps children develop their confidence and self esteem by using the outdoors nature and high risk tools and fire to bring out their courage and indepednance.   Forest School originally came from Scandinavia where children play doing forest school activities until they 7.  They do not start formal education and indoor lessons until this age.  

Forest School Activities 

These are some forest school activities typically done within the sessions:

  • Making fire
  • Cooking food on a fire
  • Roasting matshmallows
  • Felling trees 
  • Whittling wood
  • Making natural arts and crafts
  • Using clay and natural resources
  • Observing nature
  • Using mallets and saws
  • Clippign and cutting nature 

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