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5 tips to have the best Muddy Puddle Christmas in Early Years

5 tips to have the best Muddy Puddle Christmas in Early Years 

Mud and early years go hand in hand so why not add some Christmas cheer into that perfect mix. The Muddy Puddle Teacher approach works on well being and raising confidence.  The neutral space of the outdoors helps massively with this.  So the more you go out the more focused your children will be when indoors.  Children are active and they need action!

Here are 10 FREE teaching tips to have the Best Muddy Puddle Christmas in Early Years

  1. Make leaf wreaths. Find a stick, thread leaves onto it then bend the stick into a circle and secure. Willow sticks are the best for this. Watch this short clip to help.
  2. Make a giant 2D sled from sticks, then role play and imagine some of you are the reindeers and some of you are the passengers.  Who will be Father Christmas? 
  3. Make a star by creating two triangles and then secure together.  Dangle from a tree after. 
  4. Hide an elf and let the children find them.  Have further fun by attaching a note that will give them a challenge.  We have a great pack on this, see here. 
  5. Go on a Christmas walk around your local area and look at the decorations, colours and shapes.  Then go back and all have a nice warm hot chocolate. 

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