muddy elf

Muddy Elf (Nursery&School Pack)

Use this incredibly, innovative and creative Muddy Elf Ideas Pack to get your children outside every day enjoying an Elf that likes to get really muddy and really messy! Muddy Elf is a nature loving Elf that will help your wonderful class to connect with nature, while get outside and do kind acts for the Elf, nature and themselves.

Elf on the Shelf is a new tradition schools are embracing to help improve wellbeing and just do something a little silly! Silly is how children enjoy themselves and it is wonderful for adults to step out of their world and into a child’s for just a few moments a day.

In this pack you will find:

  • Tips on how and where to hide you Muddy Elf
  • Daily Christmas outdoor learning challenges

Here are some top FREE EYFS Outdoor learning ideas this Christmas:

  1. Make some Christmas trees by using a stick and threading leaves onto them. Then plant them in the ground to make your own wintery pine forest, ready for small world play.
  2. Make Santa’s sledge by using sticks and making a big rectangle. Then all jump aboard and pretend you are getting your own, free ride on the eve of Christmas. Imagine, pretend and be children.

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