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World Book Day – The Muddy Way! Top Tips

World Book Day – The Muddy Way!

World Book Day – the Muddy Way is such a unique way to boost children’s interest in reading and storytelling. Giving children the gift to read can be one of the greatest gifts ever received! 

Here are some top tips to get your children loving book day the Muddy way!

Ages 4 – 5

  • Ask the children to make a small storyboard out of sticks and then retell their story using three pictures within these sticks: the beginning, middle and end. Use natural resources to do this, such as sticks to make stick people and leaves to make objects such as boats. Hand out marker pens to challenge children to label their pictures. Best done in teams!
  • Role-playing and drama gains so much from being outside, so do it! Children can be noisy, interact more and use more physical actions.

Ages 5 -7

  • If its a nice day, try merely silently reading outside. Often the natural, quiet, tranquil sounds can help children to concentrate. Use partners after to discuss what each other were reading. Use the space to move this into acting and retelling.
  • Use leaves, marker pens and stones to develop descriptive work. Using chalk, ask the children to draw a character and then write on the leaves and stones adjectives to describe the character. 

Ages 7-9 

  • Put the children into teams and ask them to choose a part of your reading to act it out. Show it to others in the group after and let them guess the part in the performance. Once all have had a turn, place some rocks all around the children that say why? What How? Why? Children have to choose a rock and then ask the group acting a question using this sentence starter. 
  • Build a story of your own. Stand in a logline; the teacher starts a story, then as you go down the line, each child has to continue it, making their next stage and version. 

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