wild hunt

Wild Hunt Method

The Wild Hunt Method is a take on the good, old scavenger hunt.  This typically has been a well used outdoor learning favourite for a long time but we have a new twist on it for you!  Plus it links to your curriculum. 


The traditional scavenger hunt is a great way for teaching children about what’s out there and to look at nature more carefully.  It is also great for maths, counting and pattern work in the early years.  Such as get me 4 sticks and 4 stones, can we work out what double 4 is now? Or find me four leaves and four sticks.  Can you make me a repeating pattern for this? 


With the older children, we can move it on a step.  By asking them to make something using only those items or make the list long and then longer again to test their memory skills.  You could also make it cryptic, I want you to bring me something that photosynthesises or bring me items that need water to survive.  


Download this pack for more methods and ideas. 

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