muddy phonics

What is Muddy Phonics?

Muddy Phonics is a way of doing Phonics that involves the children being outside, learning in active ways and using only natural materials such as rocks, leaves, sticks and mud.

Phonics should be short bursts of very interactive, playful sessions so that children learn to have a love for letters and sounds and start to see how playful it is to learn about language.

For instance, rather than watching a board and repeating sounds, they then follow on smaller whiteboards. Muddy Phonics will involve the children in their learning. Children will be actively hunting out and finding rocks hidden with their sounds while writing their words on leaves and piecing them together.

Muddy Phonics is a very popular resource at The Muddy Puddle Teacher and can only be found on our site.

Taking your Phonics outside can be a very inclusive way to teach because of the sensory and in-context way it is delivered to the children. So many children with SEND or are visual and practical learners. They will do well with this kind of scheme being delivered to them.

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