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Teddy Bears Picnic Ideas pack (Tots)

Use Teddy Bears Picnic Ideas pack for Tots to get this much-loved song and story outside the Muddy Puddles Way! EYFS Outdoor learning has never been so important. Help children balance the indoor atmosphere with the outside. This pack of ideas incorporates many methods such as messy play, upcycling arts and crafts, imaginary play and much more.  If you’re a fan of the Reggio Approach, Steiner or Forest School you will find many areas and links with this pack. The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach puts a lot of focus on play and this pack is a wonderful promoter for play. 

The pack also includes home learning tasks and has lots of helpful tips for parents to enjoy a Teddy Bears Picnic at home. 

Nurture with nature and let us help you teach with a loving, active and nature-friendly curriculum. 

Here are top tips for parents to do at home

  • Can your toddler help you make a picnic?  Support them to chop some fruit and vegetables or make some sandwiches for a picnic.
  • Using strips of paper, show your toddler how to weave the paper together to make a pattern like a picnic basket.
  • Hide some toy teddies around your inside and outside area for your little one to “rescue”.
  • Talk to your toddler about why bears have fur.  Explore some different materials with your little one, how do the materials feel? Use the language “rough”, “soft”, “smooth”, etc.

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