sunflower day certificate

Sunflower Day Certificate

Use this Sunflower Day Certificate to award the child that grows the largest sunflower. Do not forget to also apply for The Muddy Puddle Teacher Sunflower competition. Submit your tallest sunflower in your class and get yourself a subscription and your child some book vouchers.

How to enjoy your plant

  • Get maths involved on your Sunflower Day.  Create a chart and get the children to measure their sunflower weekly. Download the EYFS worksheet. 
  • Link to art and do some oil paintings, observational drawings, pastel drawings on floors and walls. Use Inspiration from the painting Sunflowers by Van Gough
  • Hook up some literacy and write up how you planted your sunflower, or do some fictional work around it. Give them a title like ‘The Sunflower that Talked’ and let them roll with it. We have lots of eBooks to choose from too. 

Science is up and label the parts of the plant and talk about how to keep a plant healthy. We have a worksheet for this too! Click here.

Sunflowers are a fabulous first plant for children to know the name of and how to care for. STEM is a fast-growing area to teach Science in the early years and our nature-based curriculum will help you integrate this in a very natural way. Become a more sustainable teacher and reduce your school’s carbon footprint.

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