sunflower day label

Label the parts of a Sunflower


Join in on Sunflower Day and use this resource to help children label the parts of a plant. Outdoor STEM is a powerful way of engaging children with nature and of understanding the world around them. 

This template is a simple exercise to test their understanding but ensure they have had the practical experience of this before they do it. Children need hands-on exploratory learning for them to put their learning in context. 

Get the instructions to plant a sunflower seed.

We also have resources to help aid this resource. Why not join in with Sunflower Day or access some of these helpful resources: 

  1. EYFS/KS1 Growth Chart
  2. KS2 Growth Chart

The Muddy Puddle Teacher is passionate about making outdoor learning easy for you, so let us help. Every year we hold Sunflower Day and the Muddy Teachers spend this day dedicated to this plant. The children plant their seeds on this day and participate in lots of activities that help them learn about this much-loved plant. Learn about the parts of a plant and what is needed to keep a plant healthy. 

There are plenty of organisations with free resources and advice to help children learn about plants and how we care better for them. So why not visit Plant Life and RHS


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