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Sunflower Day 29th April 2022

We are delighted yet again to be hosting this year’s Sunflower Day on the 29th of April 2022 where our mini-muddies and muddy teachers come together to have a yellow dress down day and learn all about everything that’s yellow.  From Sunflower art to Science work on bees.  We have a fun nature-based day to embed our love for all things natural. 

This year we are basing our day on raising money for the families of Ukraine please use the just giving page below to send money to a charity that deals with supporting these families. 

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Here are some ideas for the day, Silver and Gold Subscribers have access to all of these resources. 

  • Dress in yellow
  • Plant sunflower seeds and talk about the importance of growing and nurturing plants
  • Have a whole school or nursery sunflower competition
  • Send sunflower seeds home for them to nurture and grow after 
  • Paint ‘Sunflowers’ by Van Gough
  • Make beehives and learn about bees
  • Paint rocks and create large 2D sunflowers
  • Learn about the sun and its importance to keep things alive and making things grow
  • Do some Bee role play and carry seeds and drop them off as they would do to pollinate 

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