schemes of work outdoor learning

SofW (Year 2) Everyday Materials

Schemes of Work – Outdoor Learning (Year 2) Everyday Materials

⇒Use SofW (Year 2) Everyday Materials) to take your children outside and allow some FUN time while embedding the Science Curriculum. 

⇒Outdoor Learning Lesson Plan

We will experience:

Lesson 1: Marvellous Materials!

Lesson 2: Super Surfaces!

Lesson 3: Building Bridges

Lesson 4: Sail Away!

Lesson 5: I can see through you!

Lesson 6: Shape Shifters!

The activities involved are: 

  • Art and Crafts
  • Experiments
  • Testing
  • Discussing 
  • Reflecting

The Muddy Puddle Teacher is now providing schemes of work for outdoor learning. 

Take whole units of your curriculum outdoors using our easy and fun outdoor learning approach! The MPT approach is the easiest way to take learning out of the classroom and into nature. 

Blog post: Why you should take Science out of the classroom. 

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