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Six Morning Habits every Teacher Should do!

Six Morning Habits every Teacher Should do!

Being an educator is one of the most stressful jobs there is.  Having the responsibility of looking after other peoples children and being part of their future is hard, right? The job is every changing and a teacher has to adapt to the fact that they are a long rubber band, being stretched this way and that. That rubber band needs some time when it’s not being stretched otherwise it will snap and that is what happens to many teachers.  Burnt out. You need to be kind to yourself on a daily basis so you can keep your energy high and confidence in control. 

So let us help!  

First you need to, wake up an hour earlier than the rest of the family every working day (give yourself a break at weekends).  Every morning should be a new day.  Waking means a fresh start, new beginnings.  Wake up with the outlook that you are going to be even better than yourself the day before.  So wake up and make time for yourself.  Call this the golden time, the best part of your day where you are going to reset, readjust and make a difference to your life and your day. 

Here are six-morning practices we encourage our Muddy Puddle Teachers to choose from and do every morning in the golden hour!

  1. Meditate – easier said than done, granted. But you work around noise all day.  People will ask you ‘How do you do it?’. We just do, it becomes white noise to us, but actually you have got used to it and you need time to relax your brain.  Sit peacefully in a calm part of your house, open the windows if you can for a stream of fresh air and natural noises.  Or put an app on your phone that will give you some nature sounds.  Sit comfortably and breath, in and out.  Relax and breath.  Take the breath into your stomach, feel it fill up and blow softly and slowly out.  Try and keep your thoughts away from school, children, partners, jobs.  This is about you, you are important too and you are vital in all of that going and you deserve and need this peace.
  2. Morning Yoga – If you have never done yoga before then try and follow a free class on YouTube otherwise I am all up for freestyle Yoga.  I sit, I breathe and I just put my body into positions I think it needs.  Maybe you have a bad back, aches in your arm.  Work on areas that will make you feel better, get to know your body and listen to it. 
  3. Mindfulness – There are tonnes of apps now that will allow you to be mindful. It is so easy as a teacher to start that downward spiral of negative thinking.  Job after job comes your way and before you know it you are bogged down.  But remember it was you that allowed it and you that can stop it. The word is called ‘No’. For more inspiration in being a Muddy Puddle Teacher and understanding your boundaries as teachers click here to subscribe also find FREE mindfulness podcasts to listen to at our muddy wellbeing hub.
  4. Go for a walk – A walk outside will do you so much good.  It freshens you up, wakes you up and resets you.  It is magical.  No matter if you have a dog or not, whatever the weather is.  Go for a walk! Even if its for 10 minutes. 
  5. Work out – Look for a second-hand spinning bike, go for a run, watch a class on Youtube and do some exercise. You will feel incredible about yourself, even if its 10 minutes each week and you work up to longer. 
  6. Journal – Write down any worries you have, jobs you need to prioritise and set yourself goals for the day.  One huge problem teachers juggle with is that our list is endless. Be realistic with yourself what is manageable today and what can be done tomorrow.  Know that you are doing your best and that you have got this!

For more support try visiting youngminds.co.uk

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