winter spotter

Signs of Winter Activity Sheet

Use the Signs of Winter Activity Sheet to get the children outside applying their Science and knowledge in an active way. The children will have the opportunity to learn about decidious and evergreen trees. The woodland trust  are well worth a look at if planting trees and helping support more trees being planted is something you and your class want to get along with.  

Here are some top tips to help with the Winter Activity Sheet :

  1. Keep the children active and warm by asking them to run from place to place.  We are strong believers in active learning and improving childrens mental health. Joe Wickes offers a lot of ideas for indoor PE sessions. 
  2. Take note of the weather also and discuss the many different weathers we can experience in winter. NASA do some lovely resources for this. 

If you want to help raise awareness of ways the children can protect the enviroment.  Try looking at Nat Geographic for resources and packs. Or join in with our Ditch the Plastic Day, Bring a Stick to School Day and other events we hold to raise awareness for the environment. 

For the best nature-related videos head to National Geographic for Kids. They have some incredible resources!

Find the Winter Colour Spotter Sheet here

Did you know that we offer CPD Outdoor Training and Resources to help you get outside more?  Being outside impacts on the physical and mental wellbeing of the children and yourself. Enrol here. 

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