signs of spring

Signs of Spring Activity Sheet

Use the Signs of Spring Activity Sheet to get the children outside applying their Science and knowledge in an active way. The children will have the opportunity to learn about key features nature shows us at spring. Find some wonderful photography on signs of string at Country File

Here are some top tips to help with the Signs of Spring Activity Sheet :

  1. Meditate in nature.  Natural sounds are very soothing but also allow us to apply our senses so we can feel, hear as well as see the nature around us. 
  2. Remember to allow children to feel the items around them this can help with memory and overall cognitive development. Learn more about sensory development here. 

If you want to help raise awareness of ways the children can protect the environment.  Try looking at Nat Geographic for resources and packs. Or join in with our Ditch the Plastic Day, Bring a Stick to School Day and other events we hold to raise awareness for the environment. 

Find the Winter Colour Spotter Sheet here.

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