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Want to move towards a plastic-free teaching career? The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach approach is moving fast. 

We are constantly evolving while always keeping focused on our three Muddy M’s to better help indoor education through the outdoors.

  • Muddy Mental Strength.
  • Muddy Movers.
  • Muddy Mother Nature.

One area we did not expect was how connected with our teaching approach the teachers soon became, so much so, they started to take this once outside-approach, inside the classroom too.

One of our most recent questionnaires about their outdoor learning and indoor education discovered:

Muddy Mental Strength – Teachers started to see how grouping children and busy inside spaces could be damaging to confidence.  Choosing to be more discreet about work given and giving blanket rewards, toning down displays to make them more neutral and calming.

Muddy Movers – The teachers started to focus on more active and engaging lessons. Moving tables aside and looking at ways to make games of tasks. 

Muddy Mother Nature – Teachers were opting to use more natural items instead of plastics such as hessian to back displays and sticks to replace plastic counting devices and sticks to read with.

We also discovered our outdoor learning teachers we’re blending this approach in with others.  It sat alongside other approaches comfortably and because we trained teachers to personalise it, adapt it and to make it fit them it worked and made all other approaches eco-friendlier and wellbeing focused. Moving towards a plastic-free teaching career. It also was sustaining, becoming less of a fad and more of a money-saving fab, due to the reduction of plastics. Teachers reported they were ordering fewer glue sticks and whiteboard pens and thought differently about the need for additional math resources.

We had always seemed The Muddy Puddle Approach was for outdoor learning but why stop out teachers there?  So as of today, we will now be incorporating ways the outside can support the inside too.  Taking more of an environmentally plastic-free teaching approach.  Providing teacher training and resources that both encourage the teacher to use the Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach outside and inside too!  

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