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Outdoor Learning Funding

Outdoor Learning Funding 2021

So you love The Muddy Puddle Approach and you want all of your staff to have it? 

We get it!  All teachers here too 🙂

This blog is going to give youOutdoor Learning Funding ideas and ways to help fund your outdoor schooling dream. 

  1. Pupil premium – UK based funding scheme to support vulnerable pupils. 
  2. Sports premium – UK based funding to support children being more active. 
  3. British Ecological Society Grants
  4. British and Foreign School Society
  5. Children in Need
  6. B&Q – Community Re-Use
  7. Cosy Fund
  8. Des Rubens and Bill Wallace Grant
  9. Ernest Cook Trust
  10. Greggs Foundation 
  11. GSK Impact Award 
  12. Healthy Hearts Grant
  13. Jo Walters Trust
  14. People postcode trust
  15. Screwfix foundation

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