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Outdoor Learning at Christmas

Outdoor Learning at Christmas 

It is cold out there ist it? But isn’t there something special in that?  There is nothing more lovely than being out in the cold and coming into the warm.  It gives us memories, experiences and by observing that as a positive, well it is going to make us all feel better isn’t it? 

So how can you embrace this amazing change in seasons and do more outdoor learning at Christmas. 

Here are some of our Muddy Puddle Teacher Favourites:

  1. Go for a christmas walk in your local area observe decorations and lights but point out the type of trees we use at christmas and why some trees have green leaves and some do not. 
  2. Feed the birds – some birds and wildlife are still out there and would appreciate some lovely food from you all.  Squish porridge oats into lard, roll into balls, pop string on and hang in a tree. 
  3. Make leaf garland by threading lots of leaves onto a string and hang on your fences. 
  4. Have hot chocolate outside with marshmallows! 
  5. Make mud snowmen if there is no snow and read the book ‘The Snowman’.
  6. Sing Christmas Carols outside and invte the parents.
  7. Make a big 2D giant bauble out of leaves while teaching the children about leaves and shape.

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