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What is ‘Muddy Clothes Winter Donations Day’?

We plan to hold two muddy clothes donations days to help better support outdoor learning.  One in winter and one in summer.  To help support our schools to get the clothes in they need to get children outside and messy.  Furthermore, is buying clothes new ethical anymore? Read this article that explains more about the use and waste of water when we buy clothes.  Yes, it is convenient for us to buy new but if we tried at least ways to even reduce this a small percentage then we are making a difference and moving in the right direction. Something we are muddy passionate about. Plus your saving your school money and giving the children an appreciation of reuse, recycle. You need this if you want to be successful at outdoor learning.

What do we do?

Use the ‘Muddy Clothes Winter Donations Day’ poster in this blog, print it off and display it around your school and get the KS2 children to post it within their local community.  Also, call your charity shops.  We work with Barnardo’s who are happy to keep any winter clothes to one side for you, for a few weeks, if you give them a call. Find your local Barnardo’s by clicking here.  Ask the staff to also search at home and make a big deal about the ‘Muddy Clothes Winter Donations Day’.  You could even feed in some outdoor learning, sustainability information about the fashion industry and how clothes are made.   Gather all the clothes in the hall and do a proud assembly about all of the clothes you have to collect and how this is going to get your school outside more.

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5.0 rating
20 October 2020

Thanks for this outdoor clothing is always on my mind