Natural Outdoor Classrooms!

Call the car mechanics and get some tyres they’re perfect for planting in! For trees use two or three tyres stacked up. Get FREE trees with the woodland trust. Let us help you make the most amazing Natural Outdoor Classrooms.

tyres for planting
tyres for planting
petals for art
Head to your garden centre and take advice for child safe plants. But it’s a beautiful and natural way to get lots of lovely colourful plants to help you with art tasks and mud kitchens! Read this blog for 10 top suggestions.
outdoor learning play spaces
Use to find and call tree surgeons for logs for climbing on and to use as feature tables.
pets at schools
Bring pets in to help children learn to care for nature. Pets at home have a lovely page on how to care for Guinea Pigs but they make a perfect pet for small children. Click here.

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