muddy science day

Muddy Science Day (Parent Letter)

Use Muddy Science Day (Parent Letter) to inform parents about this special day.

Part of the children’s curriculum is to learn about plants, seasons and weather. To learn this through regular standalone indoor sessions is very hard for children to get a proper grasp of this area and experience it. The Muddy Puddle Teachers hold four days throughout the year that are focused on all four seasons. On Muddy Science Day the children spend the whole day exploring the science curriculum and embedding their learning of the changes that happen over the seasons. 

Here are some top tips to help teach the plants and animals unit in KS1

  1. Spend four full days outside in each season. This fully allows a child to remember the changes in weather and nature. 
  2. Make things from what is out there, so the children get hands-on experience of how nature changes and what new things, if any, grow. Head to our KS1 Science area to get some templates to help structure these ideas.
  3. Talk about the weather and play with it. Collect raindrops, make a windmill, build a snowman! Get more rainy day ideas.
  4. Involve parents and give activities for them to do at home. Start by suggesting they go for a walk and then engage in different activities. For instance, this could be a spring walk, build an igloo, make wind catcher, kick leaves and look for new growth. 

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