Today, one of my greatest joys is to know that The Muddy Puddle Outdoor Learning Approach is an inclusive, child-led, holistic approach that speaks to all children. Whether pupils have EBD or SEN, are struggling readers, withdrawn or dis-engaged, through outdoor education, we are able to bring the magic of learning to every child. And that is the fire that gets me’   Sarah Seaman, founder of The Muddy Puddle Teacher.                    

Where did this approach originate from? 

Sarah Seaman, teacher and mum of two girls, is the proud creator and founder of the Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach in 2018.

Sarah has been an outdoor practitioner ever since she can remember! Early in life, Sarah took up horse riding and taught other children how to ride horses, whilst also working as a nanny for two tots during her A-levels. However, it wasn’t until she became a teacher that she realised her passion for education.

Originally Sarah trained and worked as a Level 3 Forest School Leader for five years but found this approach wasn’t suited to her. Being a little over 5ft tall, she also struggled with fire, tarps and carrying the kit. This is when Sarah’s focus shifted. She began using the outdoor space more as a purposeful and inspiring place to teach. It was at this stage she started to blend the curriculums with the outdoors.

Sarah continued in this experimental stage for a further 6 years and then left teaching to focus on developing the MPTA. Self-funded and with two young tots at the time, Sarah spent two years working with local schools and focused on teaching solely outdoors. During this time, she gained incredible support from parents and the local community who recognised the benefits of her innovative teaching methods. In March 2018, Sarah took the plunge and launched The Muddy Puddle Teacher on Facebook. Impressively, this has now reached a total of 35,000 users and is continuing to grow each day!

It’s clear more than ever that headteachers, teachers, parents and children want and need this approach. Through this approach nature becomes the helping hand that every teacher needs. The MPTA also enables children to embrace being outside in the fresh air, increase their knowledge and learn through engaging methods.

So what is The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach and what can it do for you? 

The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach gives you the tools and guidance to take your curriculum outdoors, use natural resources and embrace teaching all year round!

Through this approach, your children will receive a unique academic experience that is cross-curricula. More importantly, you’ll have a positive impact on their physical health and mental wellbeing. Learning will become more memorable for children and you’ll find that they are fuelled with enthusiasm as their confidence increases!

Our approach will also support your own wellbeing as an educator. As you begin your journey as a Muddy Puddle Teacher, you’ll find that you become more creative and increase your own physical activity.

To help guide us we follow the Muddy Ms.

Muddy Nature – We will use nature as our second teacher. 

Muddy Wellbeing – We will think of the child’s wellbeing every lesson. 

Muddy Movers – We will keep children active.

Have we peaked your interest? Have a browse our resources or sign up now to become a Muddy Puddle Teacher!. 


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