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Institute for outdoor learning uk

Institute for outdoor learning UK

Institute for outdoor learning uk

We are delighted to be doing a blog post on institute for outdoor learning uk. It was back in 2010 that I visited by first institute for outdoor learning conference.  I was so excited to be there.  I got to see and meet people in education that had the same teacher power as me.  By this point I had not even trained as a Forest School Leader but was dabbling with outdoor learning a lot at my school. I had got the ‘outdoor learning bug’ only those that have either been forced or joyfully went will know what this means.  You do it, don’t really get the benefit, then the penny drops.  You start to see how engaged the children are, how invigorated and energised you are and you come back into class knowing that was a special moment for all of the children’s development. 

The day itself was so incredibly inspiring and something I will always vouch for was my first realisation that outdoor learning could and should be part of a child’s everyday curriculum. 

The institution itself provides such incredible support for not just schools, nurseries and other outdoor learning enthusiasts such as bush craft and forest school, but many outdoor organisations too.

Outdoor Learning COVID 

When COVID hit it hit the outdoor learning industry hard ,as it did many educational institutions, and is a time I am personally worried that some of these incredible organisations local to you may fall under.  My plea is, when they open up, get yourselves booked in and let’s see outdoor learning centers flourish from now on.  After all one thing I think many of us took away from covid is that we should be outside more? Am I right? 

If you are looking for whole school or individual subscriptions splash this way. 

Muddy Hugs Sarah 🙂

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