Improve wellbeing and go outside!

Improve wellbeing and go outside!


Why does going outside improve wellbeing? 


  • We move more when we go outside this improves our mood and health, uses excess energy and allows us to relax more when inside. 
  • Sensory – touching natural things
  • Healthy germs in mud
  • Connecting with nature
  • Connecting with each other
  • Less structure
  • More discoveries
  • Canvas changes
  • Releases happy hormones
  • Less confliction
  • Fresh air 

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What can you do to get your school outside more?

We would love you all to train on The Muddy Puddle Teacher approach but for now, try a few of these: 

  • Start a walking circle first thing in the morning when parents arrive with children, they walk around the yard and watch them chat, feel good and all leave one another ready for a great day!
  • Try a similar thing after school
  • Ask staff to look at their Science topics is there anything in there that would be enhanced if taken outdoors?
  • Send a questionnaire to staff, do they take lessons outside of not why? Get their feedback and reflect, discuss ways of moving forward. 
  • Improve clothing, ask parents to bring wellies in, contact charity shops for spares or put outdoor learning clothing on the uniform list. Unsure what to buy, let us take the stress off you, we offer just the one super suit ideal for all weathers! Click here. 
  • Hold a special outdoor learning day such as Bring a stick to school day, Ditch the plastic and much more. We have packs click here. 


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‘Learning outside for just one lesson a week boosts learning and behaviour, say, researchers’, Telegraph article click here to read more

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