How to use a 100 square grid outside

How to use a 100 square grid outside

Using a 100 square grid outdoors 

How to make a 100 square grid outdoors

There are several ways of creating a cheap and easy 100 square grid outdoors. Ensure that the children are involved in making them with you. It is an excellent way for children to start to think about the number system and patterns. It could be something you do over time and as a whole class. Delegate one group to do the 10’s, the 2’s, and the 6’s; for instance, gather the numbers altogether at the end and place them in the correct positions. 

Here are some different ways of making the 100 square grid: 


Gather up some rocks, our favourite place to go for rocks is Wickes, but most garden centres will provide you with large bags of river pebbles cheaply. These are the smooth types of rocks that are easy to write on. Use a permanent marker to write the numbers on; they will not rub off in the rain but will rub off when you decide to wash them and reuse them. 


Leaves can also be used and look great on an autumnal day; however, try and avoid them on windy days! They will not last as long as your rocks will. 


You could create a 100 square grid out of chalk on your yard. Ensure you use a colour that shows up and ask a group at a time to go outside and add to it. 

Why not create all three 100 square grid methods and have three groups rotating around each 100 square grid playing different games? 

Once you have created your 100 square grid, here are some games you can do with it: 

  • What is the missing number?  One child removes a number from the 100 square grid, or several numbers and the other children have a minute to say what number is missing. Children keep a tally score of winning points by using chalk on a floor or wall. 
  • The great dash.  One of the children shouts out a number and the other child has to find it in under 30 seconds. 
  • Fill the holes.  One child takes off the number grid ten rocks; the other child then has one minute to place all of the rocks back in their places. 
  • Craft Calculations.  Use the 100 square grid for selecting numbers. Ask the children to choose two numbers and then take these away and solve the subtraction or addition calculation. Offer chalk to do their workings out.  
  • Muddy Multiplications. Play multiplication games. The teacher or a selected child shouts out a multiplication, e.g. 6 x 7 = and the child then races to the 100 square grid to find the answer. 

Children keep a tally score of winning points by using chalk on a floor or wall. 

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