BLOG: Forest School and The Muddy Puddle Approach

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So what are the differences?

A full description of forest school can be found on the FSA. An association trying very hard to keep the approach as pure to its roots!

However, as teachers, we found keeping to the ‘pure’ forest school approach was difficult. Money, large groups, lack of resources, time and land were all issues. But we LOVE outdoor learning. This was a big reason as to why the founder, Sarah, created The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach. She understood that Forest School should continue to be just that and we do believe its incredible and ALL schools should do it. But we also know that schools will do it but will be limited to how much of it they could. So our approach is to go alongside Forest School and for those schools unable to go outside so we can get more children outside.

Our approach has focused a lot on manageability and sustainability. How we can do more outdoor learning without putting a strain on the teachers and how we can teach more eco-friendly ways and start the process of removing plastics in schools.

We have done this by linking to the curriculum and using only natural and up-cycle resources when we teach.

We link to the curriculum and use natural and up-cycled resources.

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