deep dive

Deep Dive Go Outside!

Deep Dive Go Outside!

Diving in deeper, mastery, challenge more.  There are lots of buzz words flying around that ultimately want the same thing, to ensure the child has fully understood that area of the curriculum by presenting it to them in different ways.

But have you thought about achieving that by taking it outside? Deep Dive Go Outside!

The outdoors not only allows you the space to make your lessons more interactive and active, it also gives you scope to present areas of the curriculum in ways that have not been presented indoors.  Plus its worksheet is free so many more skills are practiced when you take it outside. Diving in deeper with areas of the curriculum while outside can have massive physical and wellbeing benefits too.  Not just for your class but for you too. 

Fresh air and space can create great concentration from children and may also open up those less reluctant children to get involved and challenge themselves. 

Here are some great ways to dive in deeper by going outside: 

  • Maths – think how shape is presented inside and how the natural space outside could help with forming nets, repetitive patterns and how shape is used everywhere around us. 
  • English – speech and language is definitely enhanced by taking it out of the classroom. Children react to each other more and find that there are more topics of conversation for them to respond too.  Try taking a debating class outside or circle time.  We have lots of packs on this to help head over to the website
  • Science – Science is always best explored when you take it outside.  There are also lots of links to wellbeing and physical development here too. To add mastery and develop understanding. The Muddy Puddle Teacher holds a Muddy science Day each year. Join in here. 

To learn more about a ‘Deep Dive’ head here.

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