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Curious Kids Town

This week’s Muddy Puddle Adventure is at…..Curious Kids Town 

Curious Kids Town is such a unique space and one where I have been taking my littles since they were tiny. Do not confuse this great space as a soft play area; it is not! Think of it more like a mini-town perfectly colourful and safe for mini-explorers who love to roleplay. Inside, you will find a cafe, doctors, supermarket, salon, building area, pond, ice cream van, etc. Created by ex-nursery teachers, they have captured the essence and need for children to play while they learn! 100% this is a great learning space if, like me, you like to think the experiences they are receiving benefit them as human beings. Also, what s notable is at soft play areas, it has almost become the norm that parents sit and chat and kids wander. Nothing wrong with this. I quite like the idea children get safe time away from their parents. However, it is the norm for parents to play at Curious Kids Town too, and I like that! 

Age range – Babies to age 6/7. Sienna joined in but noticed that most were little, but she had a super time!

Time Spent – 90 minutes

Cost – £12.50 per child for this event/ £6.95 non-events and under 1s free

Where – S4 (Near the city centre) 

Today, however, we came for the Mrs Claus Expreince and this is what we did!

  • Oh no! We walked in and Mrs Claus was in a bit of a muddle. Her Sleigh was turned over and she was encouraging all the children to find tools to help her fix it. The kids loved that! She then led them down more routes and paths to stories by saying she needed to go to the doctors and have herself checked over and then smarten her hair at the salon e.c.t. 
  • Lots of free play with the children exploring all of the areas independently.
  • My kids loved the choice to dip out of the play area, make a gingerbread man and grow a candy cane! 
  • We finished with a hot babyccino (hot milk) with marshmallows in, a story and I got myself a hot drink too!

The staff were lovely and I would highly recommend this for anyone who has a child who struggles to queue and wait for Santa and follow structure. This is an excellent experience to meet and play with Mrs Claus. My children loved that they saw Mrs Claus as typically it is mainly Mr Claus that we see. Mr Claus events are also on and to find out more, follow the channels and head to their website below.  




Thank you, Curious Kids Town!


3:30 Played with areas, I floated between both girls and played cafe a lot!

4:20 Pictures with Mrs Claus

4:30 Made gingerbread people (Take-home)

4:40 Planted a seed to grow a candy cane (Take-home)

4:50 Children got a hot drink and we listened to a story 

4:55 Goody bags handed out! (Reindeer food and a Rudolf hot chocolate pack) 


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muddy puddle adventures
muddy puddle adventures
muddy puddle adventures
muddy puddle adventures

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