Use these top 5 tips to help make it a success at your setting. 

1. Send out the ‘Bring a stick to school day’ letter to parents informing them of the reasons why this is an incredibly rich way to engage imaginations.  Head to our Facebook group to get a free sample. Click here. 

2. Have a meeting as staff and discuss areas of ‘Bring a stick to school day’ such as safety, what you will or will not encourage. For example, using sticks as guns is not allowed in some settings. Discuss how much input you’re going to give none or some.  It depends on your school community, but we do provide a pack to help with this. Click here. 

3. Have lots of ‘Bring a stick to school day’ posters up around the school. Ask the older children to make them. Build up the excitement. 

4. Not all children will be able to make their stick into anything.  You may need to spend some time modelling how a stick could become a horse, sword or magic wand. Again, our pack can help set this up. Click here.  

5. Invite parents in at the end of the day and let the children show them the fun they have had all day with just a simple stick! 

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