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The Muddy Philosophy

Opening the doors to a more engaging, active and innovative curriculum!

At The Muddy Puddle Teacher, we recognise that not all learning can happen outdoors and there is a place for indoor learning within education. However, we believe that a lot of the National Curriculum and EYFS is remembered more effectively in an outdoor environment. The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach is cross-curricula, engaging & inclusive for all children but importantly also supports educators in delivering effective teaching in the outdoor environment. The approach is designed to take minimal time to prep & clear up, is appropriate for both large classes and small groups, requires minimal resources, provides rich learning experiences, connects children with nature, practises proper environmental methods & nurtures the wellbeing of children. The Muddy Puddle Teacher Approach provides all of this whilst still meeting an educator’s requirements for learning.

Why take learning outdoors?

There’s no denying that the education system is under a huge strain. Children as young as four are experiencing mental health issues, childhood obesity is at the highest levels it’s ever been and support for these issues is stretched as budgets for services and schools are continually cut. All of these difficulties coupled with restrictions in the curriculum and demands to deliver results is driving teachers towards delivering ‘safe’, passive learning in the classroom.

Here at The Muddy Puddle Teacher we believe it’s time for educational settings to make some changes. To provide an active education, support the holistic well-being of all children, gift children with high self-esteem, knowledge and good health! We know from experience that this can happen by taking the curriculum into the outdoors and using nature as inspiration. Our approach is manageable, flexible, accessible and resolves the issues surrounding obesity, mental health and motivation to learn, whilst still delivering the school curriculum. We believe that educators need to learn a new way of bringing the fun back into education! This issue is not isolated to the UK, with educators from the U.S.A, Australia, Canada and many other countries reporting similar issues worldwide.

However, we also recognise that we cannot just send educators out of the doors and expect them to deliver this cross-curricula, engaging and collaborative curriculum. We understand that it’s not that easy. The outdoor environment commands a different completely different teaching style. Then consider the challenges around weather, changing seasons, the need for waterproof resources, educating parents, planning, assessment plus the added challenge that some children simply do not know how to behave outside, and you can see why educators choose to remain indoors.

Here at The Muddy Puddle Teacher, we can provide all of the information, training, advice and resources you need to get your setting started in outdoor education. Every member of the Muddy Team is or has been a teacher, so everything is designed with educators needs in mind to make everything as straightforward as possible for settings to implement. Our wealth of experience in delivering learning in the outdoors means that we can support and guide you with all of your challenges. As you begin to take some learning outdoors you will begin to witness the benefits, develop an instinct for delivery, connect deeply with your class & feel more energised and refreshed in yourself!

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