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Thank you and welcome to the Wonderful World of The Muddy Puddle Teachers

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Before you start please make sure you have read our safety information sheet

We have more safety information to help embed safe practices here. 

  • Please be aware that the activities are done at your own risk and you do need to ensure that your management is aware of the activities you are doing and that relevant risk assessments and policies are in place.  
  • Home educators please talk to your children about using natural materials and picking off the floor. 

Our advice to you is to start the training first, to ensure you are aware of best practices and have the policies and handbooks in place for good practice in using our approach. This is for paid customers only, to upgrade click here. 

Anyone that works towards a curriculum can do our training, Head to the training here

For those not ready to do the training access the resources now, we suggest that you do our sessions within your normal school or home grounds.  Those that you are familiar with and are well maintained and have full health and safety reports for. With the only exception that we use lots of natural resources, we consider our approach an extension of your indoor space. But children need to be reminded how safely to use these.  We have safety animations for you to help educate the children on. Now ready to get Muddy?  Head to the top menu and search for your age range area – FREE customers you have access to all year groups but not schemes of work or training. Or have a topic or area of learning in mind?  Use the top bar and search for it.  Or request it here.